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Party Manifesto summaries for our Election

Tomorrow Party

Good morning, my name is Niamh and I am the leader of the Tomorrow party. We are the party that will listen to the voters’ needs. We have made several great ideas to help our country.

First of all, we promise to improve education. We will give school children outdoor lessons at least twice a week. Children need to gain an appreciation of our environment. We would also like to introduce the comfort of therapy pets. We will put a cat or dog in every school to improve children’s happiness.

For our NHS we will buy new equipment so our country will be the best health provider in the world. We would like to discover a cure for cancer as well as re-decorating children’s ward rooms to boost morale during depressing times.

We believe that we should give a basic allowance of food so no pet will suffer starvation. We shall also propose a law that if any animal is healthy and safe it cannot be destroyed. We are the party that cares for your pets.

Hopefully, this has helped you decide who you want to vote for. Nothing will change for tomorrow unless we work to change our today. We need to come together to make a brighter future.

Remember, your kids tomorrow depends on our today. Thank you.


Progress Party

Good morning,

My name is Evie and I am the committed leader of The Progress Party.

We believe in making Britain a better place to live in and these are our three policies.

Firstly, we are passionate about erasing the issue of plastic pollution.  We will do this by asking shops and retailers to increase the price of plastic disposable bags.  This will help as fewer plastic bags will be bought and possibly end up in the ocean.

Next, we move onto climate change.  We believe that the increase in electric cars would be beneficial as petrol and diesel release chemicals into the atmosphere, causing pollution.  We promise to provide grants to make electric more affordable for families.

Lastly, racism is an issue that needs to be addressed to prevent it from getting worse.  The main topics of racism are religion, appearance and race.  We will tackle this problem by implementing teaching of equality in schools across the country.  We aim to show racism as a crime not to commit.

Thank you for listening – remember your vote counts.

We will not just transform a vision of tomorrow, but make real progress.



Vision Party

My name is Lily and I am the leader of the Vision Party. In our manifesto, we propose to introduce our three main policies:

The first one is Equality.

We are committed to give the right of Equality to all of society.  To do this we will create a specialised company who will introduce a website to support, help and care for all those who need it.

Secondly, animal welfare is a concern for us. We will campaign for a law to be passed to ensure the safety and happiness of all animals. We will make it possible for affordable vet care in the future, through a cash-back scheme. 

Our last focus is the emergency services – creating a service which is sustainable, larger and more affordable. 

Additionally, Vision feels that biofuel power plants will make fuel more environmentally friendly and are a good pivot point for a greener, brighter and functional future.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your time and attention.  We hope we can rely on your support to create a vision, create the future.



Transform Party

My name is Freya and I am the leader of Transform – Transform us, Transform you, Transform Britain.

We believe in three policies:

Firstly, we are passionate about reducing plastic pollution in order to save wildlife in oceans and to ban plastic pollution. We are proposing a deposit scheme where a small charge is made for the use of a plastic item.  When the item is returned, the money will be refunded.

Secondly, we believe that more police officers need to be recruited and deployed across the country as a matter of urgency.  This will stop increasing crime.  We will also encourage young children to join this worth-while profession.

Lastly, our final policy is tackling the important issue of animal cruelty.  We propose that all owner and homes be checked to ensure that they are suitable and will provide nourishment and exercise. In addition we would also consider how much space is available to animals in zoos to ensure that they are similar to their natural habitat.

We believe that these are essential.

Vote Transform.

Transform us, Transform you, Transform Britain.

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