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Celebrate Term 5 learning

Teachers across the school have reported a wonderful start to Term 5 learning. Here are just some of the things the children have created. 


Abi's Science - Year 1

Freya's maths - Year 1


Edie & Rory's rap


Evie - Year 5 - Battle of Bosworth Field

Battle of Bosworth recount

As I sharpened my sword and put on my armour I felt hope in me, like I knew we were going to win. But that great feeling soon ended as I stepped onto the brutal battlefield. Sorrow took over my body as I heard the first war cries of the demonic day. Clash went the swords. The lush green grass turned red with allies blood. I could hear the screams of dead wailing around the battle field. It was torture, despair and loss at the same time. The worst possible feeling. I knelt down and cried as i saw Richard III's sword stained with the blood of my friend. Shock rushed through my body as i felt a sword touch my back, my mind raced with thoughts of me dying. I thought it was my end until the sword fell to the ground, I looked behind me and there lay a enemy soldier, dead. His voice shot through my ears like a ghost i couldn't move, focus or talk, I was frozen to the spot, helplessly standing there in the middle of the bloody battlefield. Suddenly soldiers ran away unti​l there was only me and my fellow soldiers. A man walk past me carrying a dead soldier and put him on a mule. We had won.


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