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On Tuesday 5th March the whole school focused on one of our new school values – Aspiration. Olympic swimmer and motivational speaker, Chris Cook, joined us for the day. He spoke to the whole school in the morning and reminded us about the message from his first visit – Think big; start small.

The focus of this visit was to unpick the meaning of aspiration and encourage the children to have dreams. Everybody had a chance to work with Chris and write out their short (by Easter) , mid and long terms goals.

We learnt that the key to this is to break down our aspirations into manageable goals and then to keep the goals visible to remind us to keep going. Chris talked about how, as a boy, he had the Olympic flag above his bed and he stuck post-it notes on it to help him focus on what his next training goal was. He also has short term goals stuck on the mirror in the bathroom so he saw them every morning and evening.

“He inspired me to create goals. He was motivating and exciting to listen to.” 

“If we have a dream the best way to succeed is if we set small goals to complete, I was inspired by him.”

“I want to be able to do a round off. I set small goals to help me achieve the bigger goal.”

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