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Mrs Choubandi and Mrs King teach Year 4 English, Guided reading and Maths each morning.  The class spend Monday-Wednesday mornings with Mrs Choubandi and Thursday-Friday mornings with Mrs King.  Mrs Fish also teaches the whole of Year 4 Science on a Monday afternoon.


Week commencing 30th September

This week, the children have continued to build on their descriptive writing ideas by using their senses and imagination to describe what they can see, hear and feel as they moved through the tunnel to Tutankhamen's tomb and then ventured inside the tomb.  We have used these ideas to begin writing some fantastic diary entries.  Thank you to parents & grandparents for sharing your Egyptian photos, textiles & artefacts with the class.  The children have really enjoyed sharing and discussing these in class.  Well done to all the children who have also completed some fantastic Egyptian models for their homework over the last couple of weeks.  


In Maths, we have been looking at number sequences and patterns as well as problem solving using rounding.  Negative numbers have been introduced and we have spent a lesson looking at how the different games on Times Tables rockstars can help us learn our times tables.  I've also reminded the children to practise times tables on paper when first learning times tables too.


Week commencing 23rd September

It has been exciting week!  The children have been learning about Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922.  We have role played the opened of the tomb and the children have enthusiastically taken on the roles of Howard Carter, his assistant and his wealthy sponsor, Lord Carnarvon.  I have been impressed with their dramatic performances!!  We have used this scene to help us develop our descriptive vocabulary with descriptive noun and verb phrases.  We have also compared present perfect tense to simple past tense.


In Maths, we have ordered numbers up to 10,000, rounded numbers to the nearest 1,000 and using estimation skills to help us solve problems.


Week commencing 16th September

It was lovely to meet so many of you a last week's 'Meet the Teachers' session.  We have now uploaded a number of resources which we hope you will find helpful this term and for the rest of the year. 


This week, we have been busy discussing our ideas for our own 'Ancient Egyptian' inspired board games.  The children started by writing introductions to their games and thinking carefully about their game's objective and design.  They have now begun to turn their ideas into instructions for their games.  We have been really impressed by their creative ideas and enthusiasm  this week.  The children have impressed us by reflecting on everything they have learnt about the layout and language used in different types of instructions to create their own instructions.  Next week, we will take on the role of archeologists and be doing some drama to re-enact Howard Carter's discovery for Tutankhamen's tomb. This will provided inspiration for some descriptive writing over the next couple of weeks!  


In Maths, we have been ordering numbers up to 10,000 and looking at 10, 100 and 1000 more or less than a range of 4-digit numbers.  

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