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Y3/4 Conker Class

Welcome to Conkers class!


Conkers class is the first of our Key Stage 2 classes. This class is taught by Mrs Norris (Monday to Thursday) and Mrs Miles

( Friday). We also have Mrs Gibson ( Teaching Assistant), Mrs De Frond ( Teaching assistant) and Mrs MacCaffrey

(Teaching Assistant) in our class to help support the children with their learning.

Termly Learning Journeys for Parents

Spellings - fun ways to learn them at home!



If your child has to self-isolate, it is expected that children at home will complete their learning as set by teachers.

Please go to your child's Online Learning Platform 'Seesaw' to access a range of personalised, allocated  activities.


Home Work:

Home learning will be set weekly on the Seesaw learning platform from Monday to Monday and will consist of spellings, Maths and sometimes a reading comprehension or topic based activity.  Children should aim for 1 hour of home learning a week. Spelling are given out from Friday to Friday and tested each Friday during our Literacy lessons. 


Maths homework

The times tables sheets have been uploaded onto this webpage to help you practice their tables at home. We would recommend using a combination of paper and then also testing them verbally on their current times tables whenever you have a spare 5mins (ideally every other day!).  


These are the following steps in which your child will move through in Year 3 and Year 4.  We hope this approach will help most children to be able to learn and fluently recite all their times tables as multiplication and division facts by the end of Year 4.  In each step, the questions will be tested as multiplication and division facts.  For example, if they have been asked to learn their 5x tables, they should quickly be able to answer the following questions quickly without having to count through the 5x table in order first.

e.g.  5 x 7=    9  x 5 = ,  2 x 5  = ,  25 divided by 5 =,  15 divided by ? = 3, 12 x 5=  60 divided by 12= 


We would like children to work on their speed of recall of each times table, so they can quickly recall multiplication and division facts related to this table in a mixed order.


Step 1 - 2x table 

Step 2 - 5x table

Step 3 - 10x table

Step 4 - 2x, 5x, 10x tables

Step 5 - 4x table

Step 6 - 3x table

Step 7 - 6x tables

Step 8 - 8x tables

Step 9 - 9x tables

Step 10 - 7x tables

Step 11 - All times tables up to 10x

Step 12 - All times tables up to 10x (extra challenge)

Step 13 - 12x tables

Step 14 - All times tables up to 12x 


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