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Elder Class – Year 6

Welcome to Elders class


Elders has twenty Year 6 pupils, they are oldest children in the school. This class is taught by Mrs Hutchinson (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Rose (Wednesday-Friday).  We also have Mrs Mayo (TA) in our class to help support the children with their learning.



Elders Class update: 

Friday 9th October 2020

Six weeks of the term complete and the children continue to impress us in all areas of the curriculum! 


ENGLISH: We have spent the last two weeks focusing on a piece of writing inspired by the short animation by Aidan Gibbons, titled 'The Piano':

The children blew us away with their poignant descriptions and controlled use of tense to include flashbacks. 

We have moved onto biographical writing now, with the children focusing on writing about a prominent black person who inspires them, which fits in with our work for Black History Month.


GUIDED READING: We have started a new class text this week - Journey to Jo'burg, by Beverley Naidoo. We have been working on making predictions about plot and character development, using inference skills and supported with evidence from the text.


MATHS: The children are working on calculating and problem solving, using the four operations at the moment. We have been using nrich, NCETM and White Rose investigations to strengthen and deepen their understanding. One thing we have noticed is that some children need to continue to work on their times table knowledge and speed. We are encouraging them to keep up Times tables Rockstars ( and we will be starting to do speed tables in class with them each week.


FRENCH: It has been great to see the children's confidence build in speaking French over the last few weeks. We have been developing our mini-role plays in pairs and they are now writing their scripts, practising writing in French. The final stage is to record them, using the ipads and edit them using iMovies. All great preparation for secondary school language lessons!


RSHE: We are really enjoying our 'mindful Monday' afternoon sessions. The children spent two weeks working in teams to create natural weaving frames, binding sticks to make a frame and weaving twine across the frame so that they could display 'natural treasures', such as leaves, flowers and berries found around the school ground. It was a great way for us to all feel more connected to each other and the natural environment which surrounds us. We have been discussing 'worries' over the last week, what worries us and strategies to deal with these worries. The children have now designed 'worry dolls', inspired by traditional Mayan worry dolls and we will be making these over the next two weeks.


ART: Our watercolour skills are developing nicely, inspired by Aaron Becker and his illustrations in the book 'Journey'. We have been trying to recreate some of the images from his book, focusing on different blending skills and will be working towards creating our own compositions in the coming weeks. 



ENGLISH: We are working on writing biographies w/c 12.10.20. Please email us for the powerpoints we are using in class, or access the Oaks Academy lessons here: 

MATHS: We are working on division, using White Rose resources. 

w/c 12.10.20

Division using factors:

Long division 1:

Long division 2:

Long division 3:

Long division 4:

w/c 19.10.20


Common factors:

READING: Please access the Oaks Academy, Reading for Pleasure resources: 

RE: Please access the Oaks Academy lesson on writing about what makes Christianity unique, PART 1: 



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