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Examples of Dandelion's work - character descriptions of Aunt Carew

Examples of Dandelion's work - character descriptions of Aunt Carew 1
Examples of Dandelion's work - character descriptions of Aunt Carew 2
Examples of Dandelion's work - character descriptions of Aunt Carew 3
Examples of Dandelion's work - character descriptions of Aunt Carew 4
Examples of Dandelion's work - character descriptions of Aunt Carew 5
Examples of Dandelion's work - character descriptions of Aunt Carew 6

Dandelion classes home learning photos - Wk commencing 30.3.20

Previous week's class updates

These are written by members of the class.  We hope to continue this during our 'home learning' period, so that the children still have an opportunity to share the work they have been doing at home with their peers.


Term 4, Wk 4 by Aneira

Last week we made green cities out of recycled materials.  We started by cutting old boxes so that we could build our cities inside.  Then we took small pieces of card and started to make stand-up houses and buildings.  We were olny allowed to use recycled materials so that our city was sustainable.  On the outside our boxes looked boring but on the inside they looked amazing even though we haven't finished them.  The next day we went on the ipads to do SeeSaw.  We are able to do lots of work on SeeSaw in relation to what we are learning about.  On SeeSaw, we took pictures of the plans we made and also our models.


Term 4, Wk 3 by Ava.T

This week was a really special week because it was Book Week!  We have been making a book corner which Evie designed.  Everyone had to make a house or a tree for it but so many people made treehouses we had to make a tree house village.  On World Book day everyone dressed up and we looked amazing.  It was really fun doing a parade in assembly because we got to look at the rest of the school's costumes.  On Friday, a travel writer visited us.  He told us ll about this journeys climbing mountains.  We all found his stories fascinating and some of us even giggled along the way.  Before he left, we got to ask questions about his life.  One of us asked what was his favourite book and another person asked if he got frostbite or hypothermia when he climbed the world's coldest mountain.


Term 4, Wk 2 by Harry.C & Beau

This week in Science, Year 4 have been learning about sound.  At the start of the lesson we went to our tables to write in our books 'What is sound?'.  Afterwards, Mrs Fish gave us a set of instruments for an experiment, including drums. 


Y5 are looking at Forces in Science.  We planned experiments on air resistance in groups.  First, we had to came up with a scientific question to test related to air resistance and gravity.  We then had to describe how we would conduct the experiment and measure our results.  We began making our own parachutes which we will be testing next week.


Term 4, Wk 1 

At the start of the week, we wrote a descriptive recount of our favourite moment from the half-term holidays.  Year 4 also learnt about how to use possessive apostrophes for singular, plural and irregular nouns.  Year 5 focused on how to use semi-colons within sentences and descriptive lists.  We then wrote a setting description based on a photo from Kenya which is the setting of the book 'Mama Miti' which we will be using as inspiration for our writing this term.  In Maths, we have been looking at adding and subtracting fractions.


Term 3, Wk 6 by Lydia and James M

In English, we wrote a persuasive letter to the council explaining why we should not build houses on the meadow.  We explained how this would destroy animals’ habitats and stop the Crockham Hill children from doing PE on the meadow. 

We continued learning about fractions in Maths.  We converted improper fractions to mixed numbers.  Some of the questions were hard but everyone did well!  In Topic, we did more about a Green City. In RE, we learnt about the five pillars of Islam and we drew pictures to go with our explanations.


Term 3, Week 5 - Week ending 7th February - Sophia

In English, we read the book ‘The Window’ and discussed how the main character's garden and surroundings changed over time, as the countryside turned into a city. Afterwards, we made up arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ building housing on the meadow.  In Maths, we converted Mixed number to improper fractions.  We also completed some reasoning challenges and word problems. 


Term 3, Week 4 - Week ending 31st Jan by Orla & Daisy

This week we have started to draft our own Green city.  We think it will take a lot of teamwork to accomplish this challenge!  We worked in pairs so we could support each other when we needed a bit of help.  With our partners, we had to fill out an information pack to gather all our ideas. The lesson was really fun as we were able to talk as a class about being sustainable. 


Term 3, Week 3 - Week ending 23rd Jan - by Erin and Evie


This week we had our class assembly which was packed with facts, raps and prayers.  We all listed things we had enjoyed and then put them into sentences which we practised many times in the hall.  After the performance, we all thought that the practise had paid off!


Also this week, we tested out the i-pads for the first time which was very exciting.  In Maths, we were learning about division.  Year 5 were dividing 4-digits by 2-digits and the year fours were dividing 3 and 2-digits by 1 digit. In English, wer wrote non-chronological reports about the new expedition to find out more about climate change.  The expedition will involve looking at melting icecaps and changing sea levels. 


Term 3, Week 2 - Week ending 17th Jan - written by Edie and Rory


In Maths, year 4 have been dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.  For example, 42 divided by 3. We have learnt the short division method, which we sometimes call 'bus stop', to do this.  Year 5 have been dividing four-digit numbers by 1 digit and calculating the remainder.  In English, we have been writing a non-chronological report.  We are writing about a expedition around the North Pole with Nicola Fearless (leader), Mrs Cambridge (the charity's chairperson) and Dr Thorogood (a scientist based at the North Pole).  


In Topic, we have been learning more about Sustainability with Mrs Choubandi.  Sustainability is about making us aware of the things that make the world worse like litter, greenhouse gases and a lot more!  In year 4 Science, we have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy with Mrs Fish.  We've also been making bulbs light up with wires, batteries and switches.  All of the year 4 find this really fun. 


Term 3, Week 1 - Wk ending 10th Jan - written by Izzy & Oliver


This week in English, we have been learning how to use a wider range of conjunctions and relative clauses within our writing.  To help us gather information for a report, we watched a video of Greta Thunberg talking about climate change and interviewed a number of (imaginary) spokespersons including;

  • Dr Thorogood, who is a scientist at the North Pole science base, where she sees climate change first hand.

  • Nicola Fearless who is the leader of the next expedition around the North Pole.

  • Mrs Cambridge, who is the chairwomen of the wicked weather watch charity.

In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication and division.  Y5 have multiplied 5-digit numbers by 1 digit, whereas Y4 have done multiplying 2 and 3-digit numbers by 1 digit.  In PE, we have been doing rugby with Mr Boon.  For our first lesson, we played bulldog, practised passing and had a short match.  In Topic, we have created a sustainability poster as well as reading a passage about global warming and how we burn fossil fuels, which was 4 pages long!


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