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Conker Class Year 3 and Year 4

Welcome to Conkers class!


Conkers class is the first of our Key Stage 2 classes. This class is taught by Mrs Choubandi (Mon-Tues) and Mrs Norris (Wed-Fri).  We also have Mrs McCaffery (HLTA & qualified teacher) in our class to help support the children with their learning.  

Conkers Class update - January 2021


Maths - update 25th January

For Year 3 Maths, we will be asking children to view video lessons using the White Rose website. The video clips and worksheets will be uploaded to SeeSaw each day.  The worksheets can be printed off or if you haven't got a printer, children can view the questions online and then complete their answers in their Maths book. We have also uploaded the White Rose Spring Term Money block document to our webpage which we will be starting on Wednesday.  This document includes an additional overview for each lesson which is intended for teachers but may help parents too!  It also includes the extra problems we provide for each lesson.  These questions are optional challenges for the children who work through the main worksheet within 30mins and enjoy an extra challenge. The pack shows the questions with the answers next to them in shaded boxes, so you might want to print out the sheet and cut out the problems for your child to complete first.  They can then use the answers to mark their answers once they have completed these.  We ask that the children mark their worksheets using the answers provided below on the class page & let us know their total score and any questions they found tricky in their comments section.


For Year 4 Maths, a separate 'Year 4 Maths' class has be created on SeeSaw.  Mrs Ingman will be uploading links to the daily White Rose lessons & the accompanying sheets here.  Please mark your work yourself when the answers are provided.  Mrs McCaffery and Mrs Ingman will be reviewing the work pupils submit and answering any pupil questions relating to Year 4 Maths here.



This term the children will be learning about the Romans.  This is a fascinating topic which we know the children are going to really enjoy, particularly as they will be able to still see evidence of the Roman's occupation of Britain in the UK today.  We will be looking at this in our English, Topic & Art/DT lessons and also incorporating it within other lessons, such as Maths & PE, where possible.


Additional online resources

We will also be encouraging everyone to use the online resources we subscribe to as a school, in addition to Seesaw, as these provide some additional variety to the children's learning.  Please use Bugclub for reading comprehension & Times Tables rockstars to help your child practise their times tables, in addition to the sheets provided below. 



Please continue to read any books you already have at home and also use Bug Club to access online reading materials which have been selected to match your child's current reading level.


You can also take a look at the links below: 

Reading for Pleasure Year 3


Reading for pleasure Year 4

Spellings - fun ways to learn them at home!

Term 3 Year 4 Spelling Grid

Maths homework

During this period of 'remote learning' we will not be setting additional Maths homework as we feel all the children are already doing a lot of Maths work at home!  However, we still like all children to continue to practise and learn their times tables.  We have told each child the 'Step number' and times table they need to practise. These are linked to key steps which help children learn their times tables in a logical order, starting with the tables children generally find easier to learn first. If you are unsure which step your child is now on, please drop us an email and we can tell you. We will continue to test the times tables remotely every other Monday, as we feel this encourages the children to still practise and learn their times tables.  


The times tables sheets have been uploaded onto this webpage to help you practise their tables at home. Some children love Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS), while others prefer to practise either on paper or verbally with an adult.  We hope by giving you both online tools and paper options, we cover all learning styles and preferences.  We would recommend using a combination of paper and online and then also testing them verbally on their current times tables whenever you have a spare 5mins (ideally every other day!).  All children are currently set on 'Automated Training mode' on TTRS as this the approach recommended by the tool providers to help children progress through their times tables but also still practise the times tables they have previously learnt.  This means that children will be presented with a number of mixed questions the first few times they log onto TTRS, including ones that they do not know, but after that, the computer works out which times tables they still need to practise and will present those ones first.  We will be asking the class how they found this 'automated mode'.  A few children have said they find it does not help them practise their current 'times table', so for these children we have set TTRS to test the times table they are currently practising. 


These are the following steps in which your child will move through in Year 3 and Year 4.  We hope this approach will help most children to be able to learn and fluently recite all their times tables as multiplication and division facts by the end of Year 4.  In each step, the questions will be tested as multiplication and division facts.  For example, if they have been asked to learn their 5x tables, they should quickly be able to answer the following questions quickly without having to count through the 5x table in order first.

e.g.  5 x 7= ,   9  x 5 = ,  2 x 5  = ,  25 divided by 5 =,  15 divided by ? = 3, 12 x 5


We would like children to work on their speed of recall of each times table, so they can quickly recall multiplication and division facts related to this table in a mixed order.


Step 1 - 2x table 

Step 2 - 5x table

Step 3 - 10x table

Step 4 - 2x, 5x, 10x tables

Step 5 - 4x table

Step 6 - 3x table

Step 7 - 6x tables

Step 8 - 8x tables

Step 9 - 9x tables

Step 10 - 7x tables

Step 11 - All times tables

Step 12 - All times tables (extra challenge)


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