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Conker Class Year 3 and Year 4

Welcome to Conkers class!


Conkers class is the first of our Key Stage 2 classes. This class is taught by Mrs Choubandi and Mrs Fish.  We also have Mrs McCaffery (HLTA & qualified teacher) and Mrs Man (trainee teacher) in our class to help support the children with their learning.


There are currently 18 Year 3 pupils and 10 from Year 4. The children are taught Maths in their year groups with Mrs Choubandi/Mrs Fish teaching Year 3 and Mrs McCaffery teaching Year 4.  Our year 3s and year 4s are then taught English and all afternoon lessons together. 

Spelling homework - Year 4 autumn term weekly spelling grid

Year 3 Spelling Homework - to be tested Friday 2nd October

Spellings - fun ways to learn them at home!

Maths homework - week commencing 28th September


The children's will be able to view and complete their maths homework on SeeSaw from this week.  We will also be giving out new Times Table Rockstars and a description of the times tables we would like them to practise.  These are linked to key steps which help children learn their times tables in a logical order, starting with the tables children generally find easier to learn first.


We will be uploading some times tables sheets onto this webpage over the next week to help you practise their tables at home.  Some children love Times Tables Rockstars, while others prefer to practise either on paper or verbally with an adult.  We hope by giving you both online tools and paper options, we cover all learning styles and preferences.  


These are the following steps in which your child will move through in Year 3 and Year 4.  We hope this approach will help most children to be able to learn and fluently recite all their times tables as multiplication and division facts by the end of Year 4.  In each step, the questions will be tested as multiplication and division facts.  For example, if they have been asked to learn their 5x tables, they should quickly be able to answer the following questions quickly without having to count through the 5x table in order first.

e.g.  5 x 7= ,   9  x 5 = ,  2 x 5  = ,  25 divided by 5 =,  15 divided by ? = 3, 12 x 5


We have done a baseline test and in most cases we are starting children on a times table which we feel they know to some extent, but we want them to work on their speed of recall of this times table, so they can quickly recall multiplication and division facts related to this table in a mixed order.


Step 1 - 2x table 

Step 2 - 5x table

Step 3 - 10x table

Step 4 - 2x, 5x, 10x tables

Step 5 - 4x table

Step 6 - 3x table

Step 7 - 6x tables

Step 8 - 8x tables

Step 9 - 9x tables

Step 10 - 7x tables

Step 11 - All times tables

Step 12 - All times tables (extra challenge)


The next times table test will be on the 12th October.

Conkers Class update - September 16th 2020


We have welcomed the Conkers children back into their new class with a theme of Journeys and have  spent some time discussing their own recent journey through the choppy waters of Covid 19! They have had a strong start to the year and their imagination has been fired by this term’s  lovely wordless text:  Journey  by Arron Becker.  The beautiful, detailed illustrations on every page lend  themselves  to descriptive writing so we have been revising word classes and improving every sentence with noun phrases,  interesting verbs and adverbs. We have some excellent story writers in the class who are already seeing their work on our Wow Wall!

Our class Guided Reading text is Stig of the Dump by Clive King  (I’m sure lots of you will know it!) so we are enjoying sharing the story, listening and reading for meaning. Many exercises involve retrieving information from the text as well as using inference to explore characters’ emotions as expressed through their actions. They were delighted to hear that the author was from Kent and enjoyed hearing Sevenoaks get a mention!  It is clear that many of our Conkers children read widely during lock down which is wonderful to see.



In Maths, the children in both Year 3 & 4 have been looking at place-value which is essential to their understanding of number.  The Year 3s have been focusing on 3-digit numbers, whilst the Year 4s have been looking at numbers relating to 1,000.  Both classes have been practising their mental arithmetic & problem-solving skills too!



We have made a start with an exploration of French culture and some basic language to use in the classroom. I will be encouraging any pupils with prior knowledge to share their skills!



We have started with the Christian Creation story which we will discuss in the light of other creation theories over the term.

Relationship, Sex and Health  Education (formerly PSHE)

The return to school has been very positive for the majority but we are aware that some struggle with anxious moments. We are ensuring that we put help and resources in place to support those children, such as a Worry Box in class and opportunities to discuss how they are feeling with staff. We have introduced an ‘Emotions Barometer’ for those children who need help settling. We have started the Paws b Mindfulness programme to give them tools to help them self-regulate as well as improve their concentration.

Each child also created their own ‘pocketful of calm’ last week.  We talked about different emotions we experience and how they can make us feel.  We then discussed the different sounds, sights, smells , tastes and textures that help us feel calm.  Each child created a drawing of their hand with words & pictures to represent the things that help them feel calm.  Many of these are now displayed on our Wow wall.


Design Technology

This week we are starting to design our own Secret Door to a magical world beyond! (Watch this space for progress!).

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