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Bluebell Class Year 1 and Year 2

Bluebell Class Information

Class Teachers: Samantha Simonitsch (Monday-Thursday) and Suzanne Miles (Thursday-Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Sara Birmingham (full time)

Class email:

Bluebell Class has twenty Year 2 pupils and ten pupils from Year 1. All children in this class follow Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum. 


Friday 13th December 2019

The whole class were fantastic during both our dress rehearsal and final performance this week, well done! Creating our own snowmen and using beads to make candy canes along with other festive activities have been enjoyed this week.  Our open afternoon was well attended today and it was really lovely to see the children sharing their learning. 

Homework books will remain at school over the holiday and will be sent home on Friday 10th January.

We would like to say a huge thank you for your kind Christmas wishes, cards and vouchers, they are much appreciated.


Friday 29th November 2019

Year one children have completed some fantastic writing this week about the character Pip from the Pip and Posy books. Year two have spent this week finishing their writing about Henry VIII.

We have come to the end of our work in science about materials. Last week everyone enjoyed finding out which materials were magnetic and this week we explored which materials light could pass through. Many year two children used scientific vocabulary such as 'transparent' and 'opaque' when describing what they found out which was great to see.

Year one children have been learning to read and write number words to twenty (one, two, three etc) and year two have been learning to complete two digit subtraction calculations.

Next week we will be spending more time creating our KS1 Christmas production as it is fast approaching!


Friday 15th November 2019

In science last week we investigated which materials might be best for a raincoat. Everyone used pipettes to carefully drop water onto four different materials and observations were recorded. Although tin foil was waterproof we decided we may not want to make a raincoat from it! This week we found out about Charles Macintosh who invented a waterproof fabric. 

Gymnastics is our focus in PE this term and the children have been learning to make different shapes such as an arch, dish, tuck or star. Next week the children will continue to develop linking shapes and movements together to make a sequence.

In our Friday maths lessons year two have been learning to compare money and solve problems e.g. 5 copper coins can be worth more than 1 silver coin. True or false? Year one children have been learning to count and recognise the value of different notes.


Friday 1st November 2019

After our fabulous trip to Knole before half term the children were very excited to begin our new topic 'Why can't I be king?' This week we have started learning facts about Henry VIII and over the coming weeks we will find out about other kings and queens.

Year two have spent time looking at the number bonds that make ten and using this knowledge to work out number bonds to 100 e.g. 7+3=10  therefore 70+30=100.

Year one continue to work hard to write the numbers from 1-9 forming them correctly. The have alslo been learning to count backwards from 20.


Friday 11th October 2019

The children had great fun making egg box dragons last week. This week everyone has worked hard to write their own egg box dragon story.

In Science the children tested whether objects could change shape. With great delight a variety of objects were squashed, twisted, stretched and bent and the results were recorded.

In our Friday Maths lessons year two children have been learning to find different combinations of coins to make the same amount of money. Year one children have been using their knowledge of place value to match coins with equivalent values e.g. five 1 pence coins is equivalent to one 5 pence coin.


Friday 27th September 2019

This week we have been learning to write instructions. We have been identifying imperative (bossy) verbs in our writing e.g. cut, take, put. Next week we will be making our own egg box dragons and writing instructions.

Place value has been our focus in maths. Year one children have been counting forwards and backwards and learning to write numbers the right way round. Year two children have used lots of practical equipment to partition numbers into tens and ones.

Phonics and Reading

We teach phonics in Key Stage 1 through ‘Letters and Sounds’ using a synthetic phonics approach. We use ‘Book Bands’ to organise a range of reading materials for children learning to read. In the Early Years Foundation Stage or in the earliest stages of learning to read these are based around Oxford Reading Tree as a core scheme.

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