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Last updated: 08 July, 2005

What is glass used for?

Glass can be made into bottles & jars.

Glass containers let you see what is inside.

Glass windows let the light into a home and keep the wind and rain out.

Stained glass is very colourful, and is often used in churches.

Mirrors are made by coating glass with silver on one side. These bendy mirrors would distort your reflection, and make you look quite funny.
Glass can be ground into lenses for spectacles, telescopes or magnifying glasses.
Some Christmas decorations are made from glass.
By mixing tiny strands of glass with a special glue you can make fibreglass, which is strong and resilient, but lightweight.

The picture shows a min spraying fibreglass into a mould. The fibreglass sets into the shape needed. Here a swimming pool is made out of fibreglass.

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