P.E. and Sports Grant

This funding is provided to each school to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of our pupils so that they can develop healthy lifestyles.We are required to report on how we use these funds and the difference made to P.E. and Sport in our school as a result.

Crockham Hill C E Primary School has a strong base onto which to add this funding.

We are proud of our achievements in competitive sport: 

2016-17 Champions of Edenbridge District Sports Association Football League AND Tournament.

2016-17 Champions of Sevenoaks District Sports Partnership Athletics Tournament (Small Schools)

2016-17 Individual winners and second places in Edenbridge District Sports Association Swimming Tournament.

2016-17 Individual winner in Edenbridge District Sports Association Cross Country Tournament.

2016 Edenbridge District Sports Association Tag Rugby Tournament Winners,

Over time individual pupils have participated successfully at regional and national levels. Support for sport and physical activity extra-curricular clubs is strong. Pupils triggering concerns from weight checks in Year R and Year 6 are rare.

Click here to read our PE and SPORTS FUNDING STRATEGY DOCUMENT 2017-18

Click here to read our PE and SPORTS FUNDING STRATEGY DOCUMENT 2016-17

PE AND SPORTS GRANT April 2015- March 2016

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