Our Vision and Values

Our Motto: Learn, Serve, Shine

For our children

  • We will work hard so all children can enjoy learning and achieve their best.
  • We will respect each other and serve others and God.
  • We will celebrate all our successes so we can shine as individuals and as a school.

For the whole community


To achieve the highest standards for children at school and in their later lives, we will create an environment where all children are happy, confident, successful and stimulated to learn. The wider school community will work together to achieve this. We will foster personal excellence, spiritual wonder, and an appreciation of the wider world as well as academic progress.


The School community will work together to develop Christian values including a sense of moral responsibility, self-discipline, mutual acceptance and respect. We will develop a culture of service to others, so that we become responsible, independent and thoughtful citizens.


In accordance with the moral and spiritual teaching of the Church of England, we will foster a caring community, grounded in Christian love, in which all children are valued for their unique contribution. We will celebrate the achievements and value of each person so that everyone can shine.

Our School Prayer
Lord God, bless our school
that learning together and playing together
we may shine serving You and one another.

Our Core Values


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