Unicorn Class

Unicorn Class has twenty Year 2 pupils and ten pupils from Year 1.

All children in this class follow Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum.

Curriculum Plan for Unicorn Class for 2014-2015

Curriculum Plan for Unicorn Class for 2015-2016

Curriculum Plan for Unicorn Class for 2016-2017

Learning Map Term 1 2016-17

Learning Map Term 2 2016-17

Learning Map Term 3 2016-17

Learning Map Term 4 2016-17

Learning Map Term 5 2016-17

Phonics and Reading

We teach phonics in Key Stage 1 through ‘Letters and Sounds’ using a synthetic phonics approach. We use ‘Book Bands’ to organise a range of reading materials for children learning to read. In the Early Years Foundation Stage or in the earliest stages of learning to read these are based around Oxford Reading Tree as a core scheme.


If your child is in Unicorn Class you can login to their class page on KLZ on our home page.