Our Classes and how they are organised

We are a Kent Local Authority Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School. We admit 20 children into each year group. As a result we have mostly mixed age classes. Our classes are organised as follows:

Dragon Class – Reception and Year 1

Unicorn Class – Year 1 and Year 2

Pegasus Class – Year 3 and Year 4

Phoenix Class – Year 4 and Year 5

Griffin Class – Year 6

Each class has 30 pupils except for Griffin which is a class of 20 pupils. Where a year group is split (in Year 1 and in Year 4) children are allocated to classes based on their date of birth so that the year group is divided into older and younger groups. In exceptional circumstances a child may be put in a class on another basis when this split is being considered. Parents or the Headteacher may initiate a discussion around this but, after discussion, the final decision rests with the headteacher.

Exceptional circumstances may include academic or pastoral reasons. For example, if a child has missed significant time due to illness or other reasons and, for their well-being, would benefit from staying in the same class. Changes for academic reasons will only be considered where a child will have no other child working at similar academic levels in the class but will have through a change to the class allocation. Parents are always part of this discussion and any potential impact of the move on other children in the class is also part of the decision process.